Wine talks with sommelier Alexander Prokhorov
Wine talks with sommelier Alexander Prokhorov

Meet the new format of BEEF events – Wine talks with our incredible sommelier Alexander Prokhorov.

From now on, once a month you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of different wines… Hear the history of each species and variety, compare producers and regions. Find out what flavors are hidden in red and what is so special about this wine.

And all this with our Alexander, who can talk for hours incessantly about wine, who feels wine!

The first trip we start with Malbec.
You will try:

- Eulalie, Chateau de Cenac 2011

- Carrascal Malbec, Weinert 2012

- Gran Malbec, Flechas de Los Andes 2017

- Malbec Ultra, Kaiken 2019

- Passo Doble Tupungatto Malbec & Corvina, Masi 2018


What does the last "?" – This is our Secret Wine, which will be presented to you at the end of the evening. Yes, we add a little intrigue, but the answer can be obtained on February 23.

So, let's talk?

Cost: UAH 1,500.
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